Bookkeeping Better with QuickBooks Online – How?

Bookkeeping Better with QuickBooks Online – How?

Dear Future Investor of The Bookkeeping Academy,

Learning Journey No. 1: Our BookKeepIT Clinics are up 2 hours workshops that assist program participants with adding up to one (1) month’s bank statement in QuickBooks Online.

This may include the journal entry to add your bank statement’s beginning balance.

This workshop is customized to your learning journey and is one of your lifelines to maintaining complete, accurate financial records and books.

This solution is ideal for busy business owners who want to learn basic bookkeeping skills quickly.

Learning Journey No. 2: This workshop is an up to 4-hours, interactive workshop. Program participants will use their electronic devices to navigate the software and practice many of its features.

Two results of the training are that users will be knowledgeable about the steps to match their bank statement and QuickBooks Online (QBO) register and print financial reports (i.e., Profit and Loss) on-demand.

You will receive handouts and other resources helpful in implementing the techniques discussed in the workshop.

This solution is ideal for business owners who are new to entrepreneurship.

The Bookkeeping Academy Powered by Pierce, CPA & Advisors welcomes you to join us for other topics within the workshop series:

1. Bank reconciliation
2. Payroll/Employment Tax
3. Accounts payable/Accounts receivable
4. BookKeepIt Clinics (e.g., Balance Sheet, QuickBooks Payments, QuickBooks Time, etc.)

Save your seat today:

A few of our goals are below:

1. Learn how to tell your financial story to bankers and lenders.
2. Prepare for a less stressful 2024 tax year.
3. Reduce risks in your business’s financial reporting.
4. Peace of mind and work-life health of the business owner.
5. Save $100’s to $1,000’s.
6. Track profitability.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. We look forward to working with you!

Very respectfully,

Lykethia Pierce, CPA, CB

Pierce, CPA & Advisors d/b/a AuthenticCPA

CEO – Founding Member

Lead Facilitator of QuickBooks Online Training

“Business and Accounting Solutions Simplified For Growing Companies”

“Profit Is A Business Solution”

“Making Your Tax Experience Happy”

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