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The Business Strategy Partner Solution is a program for business owners (current or future) who do not have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Bookkeeper (CB) and have business and accounting challenges.


This program also is the first step that Pierce, CPA & Advisors’ year-round clients take in our accountant-client relationships.


Schedule your free 15-minutes needs assessment today: https://calendly.com/authenticcpa/15min.


You will discover the benefits of building your team of advisors. We work on solutions like planning, development, growth and resiliency.


Entrepreneurship is a journey. It can be very fulfilling. Choose Pierce, CPA & Advisors to assist you with your work-life health and peace of mind.


Feel free to review the Solutions Page for more insight on business and accounting services.


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Lykethia Pierce, CPA, CB

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