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Lykethia Pierce, CPA

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Lykethia earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Lykethia is licensed to practice accounting in Georgia and Alabama. She regularly speaks on topics such as accounting, business and professional development. Her Tax Tidings can be viewed on various social media under the user names @lypiercecpa and @AuthenticCPA. She is dedicated to her clients and their needs. “Great customer service is nonnegotiable” has been one of many formulas for her success.


Further, she is member-at-large with The Georgia Society of CPAs,  member of The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers and listed as no. 34 on Forbes’s “100 Must-Follow Tax Twitter Accounts For 2018.” For leisure, Lykethia enjoys time with family and friends, the arts, music and traveling. Currently, she resides in Trussville, Alabama.



On Lykethia’s mind…


  • Keeping account of transactions is a timeless practice that will persist for years to come. I have always been interested in keeping track of where I spend my earned income. I learned how to make the best decisions regarding my money and subsequently how to avoid bad ones. Utilizing these skills, I established a bookkeeping system for my household. When determining my career path, I considered how much I enjoyed keeping up with my money and household budget. The accounting profession is undoubtedly the best fit for my passions and goals.


  • Accounting involves numbers and established frameworks. There are laws, rules and regulatory authorities that affect how we conduct our business. Many directives must be known by individuals and businesses. Pierce, CPA & Associates LLC welcomes opportunities to identify benefits and savings you may qualify for and to provide accounting and business solutions for your household or business.


  • Positive experiences make for positive associations. I have found that exceptional customer service experiences build strong accountant-client relationships. As a company devoted to delivering solutions, Pierce, CPA & Associates LLC prioritizes clients’ needs to establish and maintain relationships. Using the best practices for business, accounting and work-life happiness, we can grow together.



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