Business and Accounting Simplified


We assist individuals and businesses with meeting their business and accounting responsibilities by providing the below services:

Return Preparation –



  • Interview questionnaire to understand your tax situation.
  • Preparation of your income tax returns and schedules.
  • Review of your prepared tax returns.
  • Copy of your tax returns.


*From $225 USD/per engagement


*Please note, your personal and financial situation may have a tax impact and often affects the forms and schedules (and fees) required for tax preparation.





  • Bookkeeping write-up services such as general ledger clean-up, managing accounts receivable, managing accounts payable and producing year-end statements from the software.
  • Bookkeeping fundamentals such making journal entries and performing year-end tasks.
  • Managing your files, managing inventory and tracking finances with reports and graphs from the software.

And much more…


*Value pricing available


*Service packages (essential, intermediate and premium) available.


Consultation – Business and/or Accounting – Individuals, Non-employee, Start-up or Small Businesses



  • Tax planning for individuals.
  • Easy business plan.
  • Operating a business in Alabama or Georgia.
  • How the Internal Revenue Service, small businesses, sole proprietors/nonemployee businesses and participants of the sharing economy may work together – starting, operating and closing a business.
  • Key workflows typical of small, start-up and non-employee businesses.
  • Easy-to-follow plan on how to implement your business office strategy.
  • Google tools for business owners.

And much more…


*From $150 USD/per hour


*Consultations are customized to your needs.


Virtual/Onsite Controller (Chief Accounting Officer), CFO and Finance Office Support



  • Maintain efficiency of accounting workflows.
  • Manage the preparation of internal-use reports such as financial and budget projections.
  • Process development and improvement including internal controls implementation.
  • Tax research on matters related to the business.
  • Source for financial information to make key operations decisions.
  • Provisional employee availability for deadlines, projects and/or staffing shortages.

And much more…


*From $4,000 USD/per month





  • Bookkeeping Your Way to A Win
  • Counting the Cost Leads To Setting Better Prices
  • Be A Controller (Chief Accounting Officer) Before You Hire A Controller
  • Financial & Other Tools for Business Growth

And much more…

*Value pricing available for Partner Organizations

*Individual participants’ rate varies per topic


*Customized workshops available per contract.


Specialized Services



  • Financial statements preparation.
  • Eliminate tax filing gaps.
  • Accounting or other software system selection, implementation and true-up.
  • Business analyses.
  • Profitability consulting.
  • Strategic business planning.
  • QuickBooks or Xero set-up and training.
  • Notary public.
  • Quarterly estimated tax calculation.
  • Outsourced/part-time CFO.
  • Review previous years’ returns.
  • Fixed asset accounting.
  • Balance sheet clean-up.
  • State/local return filings.
  • Ad valorem tax returns.
  • Depreciation services.

And much more…


Business – Essential Plan



  • One (1) personal tax return (Form 1040) and Schedule C.
  • One (1) tax strategy in-person/virtual session per year.
  • One (1) e-mail consultation per month.
  • Bi-annual bookkeeping review.
  • Bi-annual newsletter subscription.


*From $250 USD/per month


Business – Intermediate Plan



  • One (1) personal tax return (Form 1040).
  • One (1) corporate return (Form 1120 or 1120S).
  • One (1) personal tax strategy in-person/virtual session per year.
  • Two (2) business strategy in-person/virtual sessions per year.
  • One (1) bank account bookkeeping.
  • Two (2) e-mail consultations per month.
  • Quarterly newsletter.


*From $475 USD/per month


Business – Premium Plan



  • One (1) personal tax return (Form 1040).
  • One (1) corporate return (Form 1120 or 1120S).
  • Two (2) personal tax strategy in-person/virtual sessions per year.
  • Three (3) business strategy in-person/virtual sessions per year such as review of operations use of technology.
  • Two (2) bank accounts bookkeeping.
  • Two (2) e-mail consultations per month.
  • Choose one (1) of the following topics or another solution based on needs assessment: profitability, budget review, business analysis such as SWOT analysis or cash-flow management solutions.
  • Quarterly newsletter.


*From $1000 USD/per month


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