4 Ways To Win At Networking In 2021

4 Ways To Win At Networking In 2021

Are you ready to network? A lot of interaction has occurred via virtual conferencing over the past few months. People had to become familiar with it fast in 2020. As we enter the 3rd quarter of 2021, there is momentum and enthusiasm about in-person events. Plan your strategy for networking success with the below tips:

Prepare for your get-to-knows. Choose topics that are of interest to others and that will promote collaboration.

Attitude is a game-changer. Be welcoming and ready to meet new people. Being on time is one indicator that you are available for networking. Be positive but genuine when you talk with people.

Identify Your Comfort Zone. In former years, personal space was the term used to indicate comfortability with physical contact. Pick-up on nonverbal cues of your associates’ comfortability with physical space. When in doubt of how to address this matter, ask the person.

Determine how you will serve. Inquire about how you can help others with their goals. As you gain insight, you will be able to maneuver how you can reach your goals too.

Listening is one key to meaningful networking. Make your connections personable but professional. Do your part in building community. Enjoy your networking journey and best wishes!

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