From BIZ Tip For Us: 3 Things You Should Not Overlook During COVID-19

From BIZ Tip For Us: 3 Things You Should Not Overlook During COVID-19

So, what’s next? This is a typical question after a series of challenges. The year of 2020 (like other years such as 1914) has been eye opening to the world. Another popular adage is “live and let live.” Various interpretations of this phrase exist. In the context of this blog, let’s discuss a few reminders that may resonate within your family:

Reading your utility safety pamphlets/brochures. It is common within the south for a conversation to end with the words “be careful.” Similarly, your local utility companies such as power, gas, water and internet may promote “safety comes first” and notify you using mailers of best practices and 24/7 emergency numbers.

Considering tax within your budget. It is a best practice to pay only the taxes you owe. Therefore, compile your budget keeping in mind consumption taxes such as sales, excise, value-added, use and import duties.

Regularly adding happiness within your life. Have several conversations within your family and/or circle of friends about happiness. A few things that are more or less free to enjoy are sunsets (and sunrises), birds singing (and other goings-on of nature around your living space), warm embraces or smiling faces of dear loved ones, etc. True, the concept of happiness is broad and subjective. It is worth (for many) exploring positive emotions that promote well-being.

In summary, identify resources that are helping during the coronavirus pandemic. This may involve resources offered from governmental authorities, nonprofit organizations and your local business ecosystem. Keep a positive outlook, be helpful to others and work smartly towards your goals. Best wishes!

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