Is Networking A Key To Your Success?

Is Networking A Key To Your Success?

At a speaking engagement with local high school students, I expressed that success means different things to different people. For some, success is raising a family and taking the unit to wealth – spiritual, work-life health and financial. To me, success was becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Years later, I have accomplished many of my CPA goals. The networking I have participated in since 2014 has enhanced my self-discovery and fulfillment in career and business. Note the following P-words describing three results of networking:

  • Perspective. What people think and do often affects our lives. I recommend listening and asking questions to understand the politics we often encounter in business (and life).
  • Practical. An adage encourages that there should be a “means to an end.” Networking exposes us to ideas and techniques that may help us reach collective or personal milestones. Therefore, take time to learn new or different things. Identify opportunity when it presents itself.
  • Productive. Networking involves connections with people. When a team wins, each individual’s aura is different than before. Technology makes it easier to create. The exchange of information, resources and activity often get things accomplished. Familiarize yourself with and be a part of progress.

Success manifests itself in many ways and is in the “eye of the beholder.” We network through various avenues such as interviews, workgroups or mixers. Whether networking is a key to your success depends on your efforts.

Feel free to join Let’s Make It Happen! Trussville Networking Group or Let’s Make It Happen! Birmingham Networking Group. We support women by promoting positivity and togetherness. We gather professionals to share ideas, exchange warm referrals and build community. Be Continually Encouraged and Best Wishes!

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