Is Professionalism Out-of-Date In The Age of Social Media?

Is Professionalism Out-of-Date In The Age of Social Media?

In being objective, the answer to this question may be “yes” and “no”. Professionalism is an expected behavior in certain industries but is lax in others. The perspective below highlights a few opinions you may value:

Yourself. The industry that you work in may require a good (or at least deceit) reputation as an affiliate or employee. A lot of professionals’ reputation directly impacts their ability to generate revenue and/or acquire and hold on to an opportunity. An example of this is the woman who may have lost her NASA internship due to posts with ‘less than desired verbiage.’ Her tweets got the attention of NASA and several media outlets wrote articles about the controversy. Did this attention make her proud of herself? Hint: It was reported that she updated her Twitter account to private. In sum, err on the side of professionalism and do not allow questionable keystrokes to stop your cash flow (or good fortune).

Family/friends. A few of the best moments in life are shared with close companions such as family and friends. Often, you are relaxed with and reveal intimate details about yourself to your close network. Trust is a key factor in these types of relationships. The camaraderie amongst your family and friends is a personal decision.

Employer. Employers have to be careful about the information they use in hiring decisions and the methods of acquiring specifics about job candidates. However, your public social media profile is reachable with an internet search. Often, you are not aware of this activity. Therefore, include within your social media timeline characteristics desirable to recruiters.

The ‘yes’ response to the aforementioned question is beyond the scope of this blog. Be familiar with the etiquette of your industry and research your state department of labor at-will employment presumption. As you build your legacy or serve as a leading voice in your industry, think before you type and choose your social media messaging wisely. Best wishes!

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