The Power Of An Impression

The Power Of An Impression

Opinions precede and follow you throughout your career. Fortunately, you have the tenets of professionalism to maintain your legacy. With the assertions of “he said, she said” and social media, you are wise to be influential in your own career.

A personal brand is a great career investment. It warrants you as notable or forgettable. Maintaining your work identity involves awareness, forethought and effort. Consider the following noteworthy action-items as you pursue your work-life happiness:

      • Identify a trend or issue within your industry and showcase your thought-process and ability.
      • Create an acronym that describes how you add value and share it. It can serve as your theme as you perform your job duties.
      • Tailor your listening and communication skills to engage others. Captivate people with your enthusiasm for movement.
      • Reach out to an industry leader, let him or her know that you are viable and actionable about your self-development. A get-to-know with an industry leader is a potential candidate’s unofficial interview (in my opinion).
      • Present yourself as knowledgeable on social media from day one. This is a huge responsibility that must be handled with competence and ethics.

Feel free to incorporate the above behaviors in your career advancement strategy, show capacity and move others to excellence. People like to sense that you are motivated and eager to uplift their experiences. Be sure to enjoy and value the people who take stock in your success.

Another way to be professionally effective is to lead or support a work project and/or community initiative. As you partner with others, you accumulate achievements that bespeak your track record. As a result, people often create opportunities for you in your absence. For example, is it a great career milestone to acquire an unsolicited invite to interview for job or join a project? Of course! A sound professional image is your gateway to a recognizable presence. In sum, be deliberate in your career, maintain your momentum, earmark your value and continue as a steward of progress.

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