Top 10 Tips To Handle Your Personal Business Courtesy of #BizTip4Us

Top 10 Tips To Handle Your Personal Business Courtesy of #BizTip4Us

Do you have a lot of things to do? If you search Google, it may describe an “always busy” person as an eager beaver, ball of fire or busy bee. You got to love Google, right? Personal matters vary from one person to the next but have one thing in common – time. Time is limited and often many personal matters do not get done. An initial step to handling your business is to organize your thoughts on what needs to be done. The Twitter #BizTip4Us has for the past 4 years posted business best practices for individuals and businesses. Note a few of the popular posts below:

  • Start saving for a rainy (and good) day. Make savings a fixed expense.
  • Discuss money management at your family meetings.
  • Create or update your disaster preparedness plan.
  • Learn something new today. Many people like trivia.
  • Listen to your family when they speak.
  • Schedule a family day soon.
  • On the Social Security Administration’s official website, sign up for your personal My Social Security account.
  • Before you sign a document, read it.
  • Discuss what legacy means within your family.
  • Post your financial goals so you can see them every day.

People complete many tasks daily. Feel free to use #BizTip4Us as a reminder or motivation to get things done. This hashtag is associated with the Twitter username @AuthenticCPA. Join the conversation and best wishes!

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