The U.S. Congress May Vote On A COVID-19 Relief Package Today

The U.S. Congress May Vote On A COVID-19 Relief Package Today

It is reported that the U.S. Congress may vote on a COVID-19 relief package today. The below benefits interest a lot of Americans:

1. Enhanced unemployment benefits.
2. Direct stimulus payments.
3. Renewed funding for the Payroll Protection Program.
4. Extension of the eviction moratorium and rental assistance.
5. Increase food assistance through SNAP, WIC, Pandemic – EBT, Emergency Food Assistance Program, Commodity Supplemental Program and other nutrition services.
6. Above-the-line adjustment for charitable giving.
7. Child care cost assistance for families and operating cost assistance for providers.
8. Additional funding for schools.
9. Vaccine funding, testing and distribution.

NOTE: This legislation has to be voted on by the U.S. Congress and is subject to change. These highlights are for informational purposes only. Make your tax decisions on official tax legislation such as the Internal Revenue Code and/or consult with professionals such as Certified Public Accountants.
(Sources: U. S. Congress, @taxgirl and other writers)

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