3 Ways You Can Thank Your Customers Without Saying A Word

3 Ways You Can Thank Your Customers Without Saying A Word

Maintain a connection with your customers by providing everyone with respect and common courtesies. Do you agree with this statement? Good and bad customer experiences are influenced by what is seen and heard while interacting with your brand. Consider how the below tips will boost your customer satisfaction score:

Attitude towards the goals of the company. Most businesses want to make money. However, businesses do better when they strive to make a profit. Regularly discuss with your team how each members’ behaviors and feelings toward the business impact its profit goals. Profit often comes with meeting the customers’ needs including small actions such as being nice.

Attentiveness during transactions with customers. Start the interaction with each customer with a warm greeting. This could be a warm smile and eye contact when physically present with customers. For visitors to your website, consider adding a greeting on your home page or within a pop-up window. Next, listen to your customers and follow-through with the transactions. In instances whereby transactions need more time to resolve, inform customers of the details and always follow-up. Remember, being present with customers afford you and your team with opportunities to learn about them. The more you know about your customers, the more you can offer (and effectively market) your products and services.

Ambience of your store and/or online presence. Can the consumer easily access information about your company? What leads customers to feel comfortable enough to come to the decision “let’s do business together”? Generally, customers buy from companies they trust, know and like. Determine what actions lead to substantial awareness of your business. Consider if the actions are (1) appropriate for your industry and (2) motivates your customers to buy. Further, make sure the call-to-action buttons, social media icons and contact forms function properly on your website. It is a big deal when visitors to your website submit contact forms. Add messaging like Way to go! Please check your email inbox to confirm or some other engaging, relationship-building message.

Customer service must be a deliberate, planned strategy of your company. Practice nonnegotiable, common courtesies throughout your organization. Remember, having a great attitude, attentiveness to details and ambience (business environment) speaks louder than words. Best wishes!

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