4 Upsides To Partnering With A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Year-Round

4 Upsides To Partnering With A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Year-Round

Are you aware that CEOs of Fortune 500 companies hire people smarter than them? One common myth about owning a business is that you can operate it alone. Consider how a CPA can help your business increase in value:

Blended roles as an outsourced team member. A CPA can serve as your business coach/advisor, controller and/or CFO to engage you in regular discussions about internal and external forces that may impact your business.

Expand your understanding of your business’s revenues and costs. A CPA can bring clarity to business concepts like cash flow and profit. Remember, profit is a business solution!

Set up systems within your business. An accounting system is a key tool for business success. Similarly, a business contingency plan is necessary to lessen the impact of economic fallouts. A CPA can help you implement various systems like business strategies that provide timely information for growth.

Training is a requirement of a CPA. The practice of public accountancy is supervised by a board (e.g., Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy, Georgia State Board of Accountancy). Generally, a CPA must complete a minimum of 40 continuing education hours annually. Ethics training is a requirement in most states. Ask your CPA about this year’s hot topics.

A CPA can assist you in areas of start-up consulting, strategies like business development, cash/cost management and various disciplines within accounting like tax planning/bookkeeping. Schedule your free 15 minutes Strategy + Milestone session with Pierce, CPA & Advisors today. Best wishes!

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