4 Ways To Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

4 Ways To Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

One of the foremost activities of businesses is selling their products or services. The process known as branding requires companies to be more than impersonal sources of goods or services. A business must be relatable. Is it important to you what your patrons think of your business? A popular adage suggests actions speak louder than words. Use the below proactive customer service tips to show that you care and help shape customers’ feelings about your business:

Welcoming – There are many elements to a business’s environment. For the most part, customers want to be respected and comfortable. If you have a brick & mortar, make sure the space is clean and safe. Many businesses have found success with concierge or greeter workflows.  Consider having designated staff whose job is to interact with customers and facilitate a positive impression of your business. In-person interactions with customer should (at the very least) involve a smile, eye contact and saying “thank you”. If you provide greater than the minimum customer service, observe the positive effects on your business’s culture (and, let’s keep our fingers crossed – revenue). E-commerce businesses do better with user-friendly, informative and call-to-action websites. Be clear on how a customer can contact (e.g., contact form, toll free phone number, etc.) your business. Make it your company’s goal to build customer-client relationships.

Attitude –  As the leader of your business, you set the tone for how customers will be treated. Make exceptional customer service a job requirement. One best practice to is to assess a potential employee’s or independent contractor’s viewpoint and approach to customer service during the hiring process. Good and bad vibes come across in nonverbal ways. Within your business’s culture, regularly promote excellence in work ethic, accountability and a positive frame of mind toward patrons.

Responsible – Is it possible to have 100% satisfaction with all your customers? Well, you and your team can implement and display common courtesies and provide solutions to customers. Unfortunately and at times, your customers’ experiences may not go as planned (or may be perceived as subpar). Do not make these types of scenarios routine. But when they do occur have workflows in place to acknowledge how your customers feel and take appropriate steps to address the situation. Be open to customer feedback.

Mindful – A business not only belongs to an industry but is more and more encouraged to have a social conscious. Many businesses have community service initiatives including providing monetary support to various charities. Whatever agenda you choose regarding this matter, be an advocate of progress within the community.

Typically, a patron of your business has come to know, trust and like you. Maintain a connection with your customers by providing everyone with respect and common courtesies such as a smile, eye contact and saying “thank you”. Companies who have exceptional customer service as a part of their brands often are viewed as champions and rewarded monetary. Therefore, use your customer service workflows to reach your customer retention goals and be extremely good at what your do. Best wishes!

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