3 Questions To Help You To Find Meaning In 2020

3 Questions To Help You To Find Meaning In 2020

Most people would agree that 2020 was different. Whether 2020 was a disaster is a matter of opinion. To illustrate, will your worldview of 2020 be expressed as a cup half-full or half-empty? Think about the below questions and analyze your feelings about the divergences of 2020:

Was my participation in webinars worth it? Online and app conferencing platforms like Zoom, Go To Webinar, Facebook Live, Google Duo, etc., became go-to-communication tools as work from home became the norm. What did you learn? You may have noticed that thought leadership increased in many industries. Exposure to various perspectives on the state of the economy, social civility, etc., kept people polarized. Your time and participation in these activities may be measured by how you benefited from the networking (e.g., increase income, develop skills, promote team building, etc.). Therefore, compile key handouts and other notes into a journal or portfolio. Use lessons learned therein to grow.

Is my junk email inbox junk? A junk email inbox is a depository for those emails you may find annoying but would like to have when deals become available. In addition to the coupons and other discounts, your vendors distributed their community engagement messages, privacy policies and COVID-19 precautionary measures. Do your vendors consider customer care as important and work within the common interests of others? Often, you will find this type of information in your junk email inbox. Review it regularly.

Did I spend time with the people important to me? As the world practiced social distancing, visiting with others became uncomfortable or difficult. Being in close quarters with others was reported to be a matter of life or death. This topic is sensitive and political. However, people found creative ways to connect via letters, text messages, social media, online chat and phone calls. If the following adages describe how people important to you view your attentiveness, you are doing good: there is no time like the present; actions speak louder than words; home is where the heart is; do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today; two heads are better than one; there is no place like home; time flies when you are having fun; and, it is the thought that counts.

Many experiences of 2020 involved action-items like protect, maintain, reinvent, discover and flex. If you find any humor within 2020, you on mute was noteworthy. Businesses and individuals realized evermore they needed continuity and disaster preparedness plans. Even with the above opportunities, your views about 2020 are personal. Be safe and best wishes!

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