Is Motivation Your Key To Success?

Is Motivation Your Key To Success?

What gets you going – failure or success? Failure and success are experiences that we face every day. Certain types of failure help us to become critical thinking, goal-oriented problem-solvers. With that being said, failure is not necessarily a terrible event; but, may be a catalyst for reaching personal greatness. Think about how various people such as Steve Jobs, Sara Blakely or Michelle Obama experienced their share of non-fulfillment but continued on the road of determination. Indeed, they utilized a lot of tools including other people along the way and won.

Success can be described as an attitude based upon various perspectives. If there is one word to sum up success, it would be life (in my opinion). For some, the American Dream is a highly regarded model of living. Your task is to decide on what this spirit of achievement means in your life and shape your power accordingly. Remember, success has its start by TRYing.

Your answer to the above question is influenced by a lot of things. One connector to achieving your goals is to have a solid reason(s) why you act. As you learn new things and reach your goals, take time to celebrate your boldness to be a better version of yourself than the minute before. Whether tragedy or triumph gets you going, remember progressing often requires putting your best foot forward again and again. Best wishes!

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