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If you are pondering where did the that “big check” go you just received, you may need to rethink your approach to record keeping. Not knowing if you are reaching your initial “for profit” purpose is stressful and is one of the many negative outcomes...

At a speaking engagement with local high school students, I expressed that success means different things to different people. For some, success is raising a family and taking the unit to wealth - spiritual, work-life happiness and financial. To me, success was becoming a Certified...

Effort is a major key to being a responsible citizen. One adage declares  that "the only thing that is constant is change (Heraclitus)." Education is a treasure that helps cities grow and benefit from change. People with goals, dreams and capital (human, social and financial) often transform cities for the greater good. Take note of the following tools many game-changers use to reach milestones and help cities grow:
  • Self-development. Game-changers acquire technical knowledge and skills that are current. Many of them are self-starters who are not discouraged by challenges.
  • Participate. Game-changers are present in their careers. In addition, they are cheerleaders of other people's accomplishments. With the knowledge of and involvement in aspects of other people's journeys, game-changers share in progress.
  • Resourcefulness. Game-changers are adept at maneuvering within business and social institutions. They get to know people such as decision-makers.
  • WIN. Game-changers are proficient at self-awareness and listening. They use will, initiative and novelty to get things done.
Be Ready. Use Critical Thinking. Provide Solutions. These are familiar action-items of game-changers. People drive city activity. In some form or fashion, we can change the game in our cities. Therefore, let us be stewards of progress.
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